In Hong Kong, forget any “indie scene”. There is hyped and manufactured Canto-Pop with “idols” bought and sold- and “souled out”- and there is the rest- and it’s all music, some better than others and with a music SCENE barely here through lack of support, yes, lack of venues, perhaps, and also a simple lack of grey cells replaced by ego.

Honestly, what is “Indie” today? … Too shitty to make a decent record?

And then release it and with the distribution so piss poor, no one hears it?

Last night, I was at the Hong Kong Jockey Club’s “Music Rocks the Valley” event and what REALLY blew me away was a local band called Killer Soap.

This was a REAL band- great hooks, great vocals, good songs.

What? They sang in Chinese?

You know what? Who cares?

It made no difference.

It was about their songs and how damn well they played and how damn tight they were as a unit.

Apparently they have won some Battle Of The Bands competition and with these competitions being as ubiquitous and meaningless as music conferences.

But here is a band that, sadly, needs to either leave Hong Kong to develop, OR, preferably, become the catalysts to create a vibrant NEW and YOUNG music scene in this lazy mutha of a place.

It’s time to start here again with a clean slate with the television channels, create an underground over-ground radio channel, have an exclusive site with a filtering process which does not allow in the dregs and this can be subjective so Majority Must Rule- great name for a band, by the way- get rid of the egomaniacs who talk the talk, but stumble at every turn and look to a YOUNG band like Killer Soap- all nice guys who one can see are passionate about what they do and don’t have their heads buried up their arses and hear what they wish to hear even if it’s the lonely sound of one hand clapping.