Media mogul.

Her television show might be over, but certainly not Oprah.

Whatever she likes, America buys.

What’s the bet she is going to come out bigger and better and with more clout than ever before?

Her “O” and “Oxygen” and HARPO properties and brands are going to turn her into a one-woman media empire.



Co-founder and former CEO of Apple Inc.

What can we say?

He changed the music industry forever- and the ways in which the world communicates today.

He might no longer be the CEO of Apple Inc, he is The King Of The World.





Perhaps the conspiracy theorists are correct and he is part of the Illuminati?

How else can one explain his seemingly meteoric rise from Hip-Hop artist to one of the most powerful and influential people in the entertainment world?

Plus his duet with Alicia Keys “Empire State Of Mind”- remains one of the best pieces of popular music in recent years.




Entrepreneur-Manager-Media mogul

His 19 Entertainment is now called X1X Entertainment and which investors are lining up to back.

From managing the Spice Girls and the creative force behind the “Idol” and “So You Think You Can Dance” franchises, he now also manages the careers of the Beckhams, Lewis Hamilton, Andy Murray, Carrie Underwood and others.

His newly formed company with the legendary music executive Chris Blackwell is something that promises to re-invent the music industry in a pro-artist type of way.

Low-key, almost shy, unassuming and extremely savvy in business and all things creative.



Television and Radio host

He is much more than the host of “American Idol” having his own syndicated radio show , controls E! Entertainment and has his own production house which has unleashed the Kardashians and other non-celebs onto an unsuspecting America.

Smart cookie.



Media mogul and Master of Hype

However, we already hear the referee counting that he’ll be out for the count.

Playing “Mr. Nasty” was fine 8 years ago.

How his “X-Factor” does in the US is critical.




Apart from being Hong Kong’s richest man, “Superman” Li also owns a considerable stake in Facebook and Spotify.

And you thought old farts didn’t know about social media.

They do and how through them, they can get even richer.



Chairman of Interscope Records

He can make and break in the good sense of the word artists new and ancient.

Knows his music and has paid his dues.

Respected by the Hip Hop community and Rock artists, too.

Another one mentioned by conspiracy theorists to be part of the Illuminati.




He has come a long way from being part of the Mickey Mouse Club and a member of N’Sync and one-time boyfriend of Britney Spears.

He can sing, he moves well, is becoming more and more interested in acting, has a great sense of humour, always attractive to woman and comes across as the perfect example of how nice guys DON’T have to end up last. They end up with Mila Kunis, proof positive that Paul McCartney was right when he sang, “Ukraine girls really knock me out, they leave the West behind.”

A great role model.

Still young enough at 30, still learning and very influential to the generation growing up with him.



Everyone in the world is on Facebook and so which must mean that this “person” wields a helluva lot of influence.

Sure, some Facebook “friends” who creep up on you, we can do without and some of the “news” from people is utter crap.

BUT, if used wisely, it can even topple governments.

And to think this was just some empty space and which appealed to man’s- and woman’s- egos and a need to be seen and heard if only by them.