Hello, and welcome to my blog. I am resting up at the moment and finally have the time to put my hooves up and think about a few things. The lovely lady Bev takes me out for some fresh air and some swimming and I enjoy her riding me. Wouldn’t you?

Carol Yu riding me is also fun. The one I didn’t enjoy riding me was that French kid- Maxime Guyon. Fuck me, mes amis, he was so tender with me in the beginning and then suddenly went crazy and flogged me so much I had no idea what was going on. My legs went wobbly, my head was as dazed and confused as  a Led Zeppelin track and I was yelling out to him to stop it as he was murdering me and also- as they say in French, “Merde- erring in me”- merde meaning “shit” in French.

I wanted to grab his whip and give him a damned good whacking.

Thankfully, he got fired and Tony asked the nice South African man- Douglas Whyte to get back on me. I don’t like men riding me- not that there’s anything wrong with it- but he is very tender with me and doesn’t whack me around. He has very soft hands and long fingers. He kissed me after the last time I won for him which was a little embarrassing, but whatever turns him on.

Many of my fans ask me about my so-called rival California Memory. I don’t see him as competition. Remember that day he beat me? I let him as I was so damned tired and needed to rest up.

Frankly, I have the feeling California Memory likes following me as he likes my big ass and long legs. Sometimes, I look in the mirror or the big DiamondVision screen and think I look a little like Miss Beyonce- who, by the way, is my favourite singer- and my favourite piece of ass.

Also, sometimes, Bev comes by and sings for me and which is very soothing. Not so nice is when Tony comes into my boudoir dressed in his hot pants and dances to Village People tunes. This can sometimes be very disturbing.

Well, I’ll stop now and see you at the races- or the YMCA with some Macho Men.

Next time, I’ll let you know about my travel plans

Ciao Ciao for now now, your four-legged friend, Ambitious Dragon.

PS Look at the picture: I can FLY!



I have been pissed off for months! What happened to my retirement? And what the fuck am I doing with these losers- in Macau??? Have they forgotten that I was Hong Kong’s Horse Of The Year and Hong Kong and the WORLD’S Best Miler? My how they loved me!

Then I got very confused when they took me away from the nice bald German man whom I looked after- Mr. Schutz- and asked me to help some other people here and there and with different little men riding me. Mama mia, I was so fucking weirded out- even more weirded out than being a horse and called Good Ba Ba. What kind of idiot would name a horse after a sheep or a goat???

Now, that guy who bought me- Mr. Yuen- has asked his fung shui master what to do with me and he has said I would do very well racing in Macau. Hell, I am ten horse years old! How much more racing can I take? I have asked Yuen to SHOW ME THE MONEY but I still haven’t seen a dime of what I have won. I better get Kevin Egan to take my case. Kev eats sharks for breakfast and he’ll make congee outta John Yuen.

Meanwhile, I am now here- in a little BOX in Macau, I have someone named Mr. Moore looking after me, my name has been replaced by some numbers and no one knows what to do. Meanwhile, my business partner- Mr.Yuen has another horse here in Macau- Good Uncle- which is crap and a few new horses running in Hong Kong though my friends have neighed to me that they are all going backwards.

I really don’t have much else to say. I have been a very Good Ba Ba and I now just want everyone to stop the Blahs Blahs and get me outta here so I can join my good friend Silent Witness and have a change of scenery. Stuck in Macau and not knowing what’s going on is not my idea of a “change of scenery.”

Speak later when I know what’s happening.

Good Ba Ba former World Champion Miler- and now in- sigh- Macau.