FAYE WONG: Chinese Singer-actress

Beauty and brains and the only entertainer to get without asking millions for just one show anywhere in Asia.

From being a gopher for Capital Artists, she now manages amongst others Jacky Cheung, next to Faye Wong, the most highly paid Chinese entertainer.


FLORENCE CHAN: Manager to Hong Kong’s Superstars

One of the nicest people we know.


K-POP: Genre of Music

No longer Made in Korea “kim cheese” Pop Music.

Hell, even Europe has fallen for its wily coyote charms – horrible music for simpletons and performed by artists from a weird genetically challenged cookie cutter factory.

Probably Kim Jong-il’s revenge and pox on the rest of the world.



EDISON CHEN: Actor-Entertainer-Entrepreneur

Everyone likes to flirt with controversy and despite whatever happened in the past he has a huge following in China.

His fashion brand called CLOT is doing extremely well and he really should have gone to Ryan Seacrest and started his own reality show.

Even he will admit that he cannot sing, dance or rap, but Edison Chen has that certain je ne sais quoi and can never be counted out.

We have always liked him and been in his corner.


VIJAY MALLYA: Billionaire Chairman of India’s powerful Kingfisher Group of Companies, Entrepreneur and Bon Vivant.

He has brought F1 to India, he is behind Twenty/20 cricket, he has a fleet of luxury cars, a number of houses, he has his own airline and he can buy both Bollywood and Hollywood if he wants to.

Yes, he is India’s combination of Richard Branson – what’s happened to him?- and Simon Fuller.


LANG LANG: Chinese-born classic pianist

It’s funny to think that there were those who dismissed this gifted pianist as being “chubby” and “no match for Li Yungdi”, another classical pianist from China and who had a head start.

While Li Yungde’s career has been a series of bad career moves, Lang Lang has given the classical world what some say is “The Lang Lang Effect.”

He has performed on the greatest stages and at the biggest events in the world, recorded with some of the biggest names in the classical music world and now has his eyes set on extending the Lang Lang International Music Foundation to include Asia/



AYUMI HAMASAKI: Iconic Japanese singer

Yes, she has not recorded anything new for a while, yes, she has been around for over a decade, but Ayumi remains the most influential Japanese star and with zillions of fans all over the place.

Tough and determined, she has become a one-woman media empire and we salute her for that.

She has certainly influenced many girls in Japan and around Asia to believe in their dreams and go after them.

But, jeez, the song below is an almost note-for-note lift of “Hey Jude”.


AR RAHMAN: Indian Composer / Musician

Ever since the success of “Slum Dog Millionaire”, he has become the first name Western artists think of when they think of an “Asian” artist.

Just completed a project called Superheavy with Mick Jagger, Joss Stone and others.


S.M. ENTERTAINMENT: Multi-media Korean talent agency.

An independent Korean record label, talent agency, production house and publisher of Pop music founded by Lee Lee Soo-man in South Korea. Initially, “SM” was an abbreviation of the agency founder’s name, but now stands for “Star Museum” and one-time  home to top-selling groups such as H.O.T., S.E.S., and Shinhwa. It’s current roster of artists include BoA, f(x), Girls’ Generation, The Grace, Kangta, SHINee, Super Junior, TRAX, TVXQ and Zhang Liyin.

This is a factory not unlike Disney or Willie Wonka and where young, good-looking teens are signed up and shipped out and with another group being groomed to take over where the former bunch turned 20 and become “too old.”



LI RUIGONG: Chairman China Media Capital

His surprising departure as the head of the Shanghai Media Group in early August caught many by surprise.

After all, he had built SMG to be the powerful media giant that it had become.

Some feel that “RG” left as his plans to bring together China Media Capital [CMC] which he is Chairman of together with SMG never happened.

Now, eyes are focused on CMC which recently bought the largest stake in Orca Digital Inc., operator of Top100.cn, a digital-music company that works with Google Inc to provide a free, advertising-supported music streaming and download service in China. But this is peanuts and a Mickey Mouse deal and certainly not exciting.

What his Big Picture plans are remains a mystery, but his influence in China in entertainment circles cannot be ignored.