Ex-Entertainment Multinational Executive

Ex-head of Disney Asia, ex-head of Electronic Arts Asia, responsible for Hong Kong Harbourfest fiasco and now hell-bent on being a worldwide showbiz “player”.

The brains behind “Project Lotus” which gave the world Blush or Thrush and the host of Asia:Uncut.

Need we say more?



Chairman PCCW, Investor and Dabbler

A one-time wunderkind who has been on the back-foot lately.

His forays into showbiz have all failed.

Far better if he spent his time getting his awful PCCW 24-hour Hotline to work.

Remains awfully rich in spite of several business blunders.



One-time relevant music channel.

Not a person, but a complete waste of space.

Usually watched with the sound off and the visual equivalent of Muzak.



One-time relevant music channel.

Same as above though a teeny weeny better.



Bland image-driven Cantonese Pop music produced by the usual suspects.

Ding dong, the bitch is dead.



Hong Kong’s leading terrestrial television channel

Who today watches television, anyway?

TVB has not changed in decades and is now watched by people aged 50 and above.

The station’s image was not enhanced with the arrest – and now acquittal of its former General Manager Stephen Chan, pictured below, on corruption and fraud charges.



Pint-sized Taiwanese singer-dancer

Her time has come and gone and she’s looking seriously outta step with today though making stacks of money in Taiwan and, especially, China for concerts.

But for how much longer?

She must be pushing thirty.

Of course, her being outta step might have to do with the huge boob job.



Head of Emperor Entertainment Group

Money buys Power, but never buys Influence.

Someone who has single-handedly spoilt the Chinese music industry by over-paying mediocre twats who pretend to sing.



Korean singer-actor

Kinda hate to include him here, but after all the hype about him “making” it in the US etc, he still remains big only in Korea and pockets of cities in Asia.

Plus every track he records sounds like a rip-off of “Beat It” or “Bad.”

His English-speaking film debut in “Ninja Assassin” was a flop and even tours in the US are sellouts, yes, but where the audience is 99% Korean.

More over-rated than “least influential” perhaps and who still has millions of fans in Korea and other parts of Asia.

We could have put a number of others in this category and who are “worthy” of mention: David Tao, Jay Chou, Wong lee-hom etc.



Chairman of Pacific Capital

Head of the private equity company whose global head Silvio Scaglia is still under house arrest in Italy on fraud charges.

The company which bought out former music executive Norman Cheng’s- below, left, with Pong in happier times shares in Gold Typhoon Entertainment and are now left holding the bag while artists and staff begin their mass exodus.

Pacific Capital tries to right this wrong by hiring people who are either clueless about music, or are just clueless. Period.

Their other solution is to purchase modeling agencies in the hopes of finding “singers” amongst the beauties.

Who cares if they cannot sing?