“Racing specialists” each have their own ways of tipping horses- speed maps, handicaps, jockey changes and, last Wednesday, there were some who thought that lucky numbers would come to the “aid” of trainer Derek Cruz.

Apparently, DC has had luck with some horse or another with 111 as its registered number. More to the point, Derek Cruz has been having a very successful few weeks and so, it was thought that this hot streak will continue. But as anyone in racing knows, one is only as good as the horses they have whether trainers, owners and jockeys.

As our resident racing Guru said, Cruz has been somewhat of a miracle worker by making near-cripples like the great Joy And Fun race again and win- but how none of this horses on Wednesday had a hope in hell of winning.

Bottom line: Though he had five entries at Happy Valley on Wednesday, none greeted the judges for Derek Cruz. Guess it’s back to those speed maps and vague “theories.”