Taxi drivers who pick you up and then pretend they don’t know the way to where you want them to go as it’s too much hassle for them.

Opening doors for women and not even getting a Thank You nod.

People who close elevator doors even when they see you rushing towards them screaming, “HOLD IT!”

People who want to be first out of the elevator at all costs.

Those who keep pressing elevator buttons in the hope that they’ll get to wherever they are going quicker.

Chanteuses in 5-star hotel lounges still singing Norah Jones songs.

The sound of constant fucking drilling in the next apartment.

Watchmen and caretakers in their Eighties “safeguarding tenants” by usually being fast asleep and when awake could not fight off an army of gnats.

Landlords who keep hinting that you have a “great deal” before they suddenly want their apartment back for “the family”.

Hailing a taxi with gale force action and the taxi driver pretending he never saw you.

Security guards at rock concerts who insist that you sit down and have a good time.

How the government looks after Hong Kong’s elderly by ignoring them.

Someone farting in a crowded lift and everyone staring at you ‘cos you’re the only foreigner.

Almost fifty-year-old Canto-Pop “idols”. When are they ever gonna grow up?

Trying for hours to get through to PCCW’s 24-hour Customer Service Hotline.

I know it’s meant to be the sound of satisfaction, but people who belch in your face after a meal.

Everyone and their dog being “experts” on the stock market.

I’d better stop here before I bust a gut and explode.

If you and anyone else would like to add your own lists to mine, perhaps we can compile them all and send it as The Longest E-mail Chain Letter to our beloved leader and Chief executive The Donald.