Goodness gracious me! When I first looked at the runners in Race 5 on tonight’s Happy Valley card, my eyes popped out like crispy papadums on a stale winter’s night!

Goodness, Terry CW Wong, below, kept the ride on Hawthorne, one of his few winning rides this season and where he is way behind the eight-ball to have his jockey’s license renewed by riding a certain number of winners- how many, I have no idea. Meanwhile, Howard Cheng had jumped aboard Jun Dao, one of a few horses which have been Wong’s “property” for as long as they have been in David Hall’s stable which, I guess, meant that Hawthorne was the struggling local rider’s pick. But who really knows? Mercifully, and to simplify things, Jun Dao was withdrawn and replaced by standby runner Flashing Guy. 

In this same race, there is also that squib which has never shown any “internal fortitude” called Danewin Winning with John Size bringing Supreme Jewellery to Happy Valley for the first time. Gawd no! Not this dud of a horse again! I have no idea how any times this horse has run and failed this season, but “Sizey” seems adamant about proving a point and getting a winner out of this impressive looking galloper. The big problem is that what has been proven many times is that looks can be deceiving just the way size can be deceiving and how size doesn’t really matter.

Of these four horses, I would stick with Hawthornw, add Flashing Guy and, perhaps, the very much under-the-odds Danewin Winning which might go better on the pace at the Valley for Matthew Chadwick over 1000 metres. I’d give Supreme Jewellery a very wide berth.


Ever since it won a Class 4 race in Class 1 timing, the natives have becoming restless and boisterous about Supreme Jewellery screaming that it’s a “good thing.” On that day, however, there was a very strong tailwind and which made the win better than it looked- or was clocked. Still, John Size is not your usual trainer to go through all this trouble with this horse running it in Shatin, over 1000 metres, then over 1200 metres, back to 1000 metres and has now has brought it 1000 metres at the Valley. 

This can only mean the expert horseman has spotted something in this horse and is doing everything to get to the bottom of it. Either that or the owner is in town and wants to see the horse run- but John Size is not the kiss-your-ass type of trainer unlike some others who race horses according to the whims of those paying “the rent” and singing, Yes, Sir, No, Sir, Three bags full, sir” and asking, “May I kiss your rich ass while I’m at it?” If Supreme Jewellery wins, it will not be with my money. It will, again, be under-the-odds and if it loses, Dougie Whyte will get another spray from the local know-it-alls for “not trying.” What rubbish. I don’t think Whyte knows how not to “try.” He just doesn’t bash them into the ground when they have zero chance of even running a place. He puts his whip away knowing there’ll be another day.  

Meanwhile, the Caspar Fownes yard has been having a very strange lean trot recently and I am left scratching my head as to why. Tonight Best Win- one of my favourite horse that has been very kind to my pockets- takes a class drop and tackles Happy Valley for the first time. With the in-form Olivier Doleuze aboard, it really looks way too good for this field, but Happy Valley has the unhappy knack of throwing up- sometimes quite literally- some real shock results. Meanwhile, we are waiting for Caspar’s Big Day Out, but it’s being a long time coming and when it does happens, I hope I am aboard. Will it be tonight? Hmmm, the stable has quite a few chances, but will it be a rockin’ Big Day- or Night- Out? I doubt it though I wish it will be. 

I am also giving up following the David Ferraris and Sean Woods stables. Both are going through horror runs and until these stables get some good new horses or both trainers have their heads and balls shaved to change their “fung hui”, I am not getting anywhere near their horses. The flop of the Ferraris-trained Semos which some are now calling a “cat” and I am calling a samosa was the Semos that broke this Guru’s back. It was an awful run over the weekend as second favourite in a very peculiarly run race. Let’s leave it at that.

As for tonight, some might see Tony Cruz having a “monopoly” on Race 4 with Ekraar Emperor and in Race 6 with Supreme Genki and, perhaps as mentioned above, with Danewin Winning in Race 5, but I don’t see these as any certs. I will also be steering clear of any short odds on the Size-Whyte combination which is Gamekeepers in Race 7. This race could throw up a roughie. Jeez, so much rough throwing up tonight!

I would prefer Mochi in Race 4, Flashing Guy in Race 5, Dr.Win in Race 6 and Aeros in Race 7 with Brett Prebble aboard and who also returns from a long suspension.  

Anyway, get yourself off the floor and have a good, positive throw at the stumps- and keep away from any real shorties!

Be brave but not stupidly so!

The Guru