India is in mourning. In this cricket-mad country, the trashing, the drubbing, the humiliation- must we carry on???- which the star-studded and very well-paid Indian cricketers received earlier today by the Aussies showed a team in tatters and with, perhaps, age having caught up with them, yes, but also a lack of confidence and a certain arrogance and “elitism” which has led to their second consecutive Test match defeat in Australia.


One could not have even planned a worse beginning for Indian cricket- and the cricketing nation.

Where has it all gone wrong and how on earth did the Indians allow the Aussies to score 659 for 4 wickets?

This huge innings included knocks of 134 from a supposed out-of-form Ricky Punting, 150 not out from another supposed batsman supposedly out-of-form in Mike Hussey and an incredible 329 not out from Michael “Pup” Clarke, certainly not one of the greatest batsman in the world.

“Pup” has become a fully-grown attack dog and with a bark to match his bite and with action to back his words.

The weak Indian bowling attack made him look brilliant and gave all three batsmen the confidence they were lacking before this Test.

And for this they owe India a huge debt of Thanks for being their confidence builders.

In many ways, India has worked better for these three Aussies than any batting coach.

For Clarke to score a triple century and for the world’s greatest batsman and that the “Little Master” who is Sachin Tendulkar to just “give” his wicket away- and to more of a part-time bowler in Clarke- shows something more than a team playing bad cricket.

It has now been 21 innings before he scored his last century; he remains stuck on a career of scoring 99 centuries while the world waiting for this great cricketer to score those one hundred hundreds.

Ironically, the Aussies would LOVE to have Sachin Tendulkar to score his one hundredth century in Test cricket in Oz.

He bloody deserves it.

Tendulkar has been brilliant for the game, he has been brilliant IN the game and he has changed the game.

All he now needs is to get that orangutan off his back, have the media give the man some fucking space and back off, have him score THAT century and get on with having fun playing cricket.

Tendulkar and that magical 100 apart, what is showing is a team either in disarray or a team not working and playing as a team.

And for this, the buck must stop with the selectors, the team’s coach- Duncan Fletcher- and Captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni.

MS Dhoni can put on a brave front and even braver face, but we have seen this act before.

It’s no longer believable.

His words are vapid sound-bites.

Winning in a habit, doot. So it is losing.




MS Dhoni is an almost God-like figure in India and as popular if not even more, than any Bollywood superstar.

He is in countless television commercials flogging every product known to man.

If only, he would start flogging the ball a bit more and became a better “pitchman” for this team.

So should the rest of this team. But it’s not happening doot.

As Mumbai’s publicity-hungry model Poonam Pandey tweeted, “Indian batsmen are like faithful husbands, they only perform at home.”

Following her on Twitter and where she has a huge following- and we can see why- the airhead that is Paris Hilton.

Frankly, we wouldn’t mind performing with and following Ms Pandey, surely one of the hottest looking women in the world.

Getting back to cricket, this gorgeous model was being kind to her country brethren:

Yes, the Indian team are poor travelers and which showed in their 4-0 whitewash in England last year.

But their performances at home have hardly been the stuff of legends either.

It’s been timid cricket with no backbone and one can see and feel it watching this team.

There is tentativeness in heir strokes and, as in sex, strokes are everything.

What do we think?

The Indian cricket team has become part of Indian showbiz and part and parcel of Bollywood.

It might have seemed Okay before, but now it looks like a very odd arranged marriage.

There needs a quickie divorce and for cricketers to play cricket.

No more of this rabid interest to be star f***ers.

All the money that has been and is showered on them back home in India has gone to their heads.

But not to their balls. And not to their bats.