It’s a bit like, what if they gave a party and no one came.

The ‘live’ music scene in Hong Kong is more than dire.

It’s in dire straits with money for nothing and some rancid chicks for free.

I wandered into Peel Street last week where most of the Hong Kong Jazz Festival was being held.

Joyce Is Not There

First off, HUGE props to Rob Baker who runs Peel Fresco for having the passion to make this happen.

Do you think Rob might even break even for all this hassle?

I hope so ‘cos the guy has put his balls on the wicket and I’d hate to see them whacked off.

He looks beaten up enough.

Over the years, people have tried to tap my brain for free ideas as to how to make a “jazz festival in Hong Kong” happen.

But these days, this brain doesn’t work unless it sees some moola and some form of copyright.

Free ideas? For a lunch? No Thanks.

Getting back to the Peel Street or Hong Kong Jazz Festival- or whatever it’s called- it was a closed doors affair.

Literally. Why?

‘cos the local gendarmes kept marshalling the area and wanting the sound to be kept down.

There were party poopers.

And here lies a major problem for ALL of Hong Kong’s night life and which is driving clubs into the waiting arms of Singapore:

How can we be Martha And The Vandellas and Dancing In The Street when the local constabulary come in droves and want the noise down?

The way they descend on bars etc might make one think that a triad boss had been chopped up.

Such high drama.

Don’t these boys in blue have anything better to do?

They bumble around like the Keystone Cops.

I have to wonder if they even know what they’re trying to “stop”.

Sure, sure, there are residents around and they cannot hack the noise.

But this is fucking Hong Kong.

It has no room for venues, restaurants, bars, clubs- YET all have to pay exorbitant rents to keep going..and the music must be tuned down.

I know one twat living in Lower Elgin Street who complained about the noise coming from ONE club close to where he lives.

What happens next?

EVERY club/restaurant/bar on that street gets a visit from les local gendarmes and is told to turn down the music.

So, think of the “vibe” of a club: People huddled together and Cliff Richard singing “Summer Holiday.”

Give me a break and give these entrepreneurs an even bigger break:

Like Love, Music makes the world go around.

Restaurants and clubs without LOUD music make no sense.

Especially, when music companies come along asking them to pay an annual fee for this music.

And then they have to play it..quietly.

Keep this lunacy up and Hong Kong nightlife will cease to exist.

It will become part of the Singapore night life and Hong Kong will be the loser.

My two cents worth: FIGHT CITY HALL.

Don’t be whining pussies.

Don’t just roll over and say, Yes please- fuck me over again.

Grow some balls.

Fight for your rights.