As the soccer/football world reverberates following Sepp Blatter’s nonchalant dismissal of racism in the sport, my thoughts have turned to David Beckham.

Hear me out.

Blatter is the past- and clinging onto it along with his corrupt FIFA cronies.

Herald Scotland

FIFA has had its day and Sepp Blatter reminds us Silvio Berlusconi- an old man who knows his time is up but who refuses to go quietly.

At least, Berlusconi had the good sense to step down before he was unceremoniously kicked out.


Right now, soccer/football is in trouble. Big trouble.

Despite all the outward glamour of over-paid pretty boys and abb-perfect footballers with their hairstyles, tattoos, WAGs and lifestyles, the game itself is in dire straits.

Asian investors seeing business opportunities and over-paying for rubbish English football clubs don’t help matters.

It only helps make the beautiful game not-so-beautiful.

The “only” thing the football world has are the fans- and those other fans who will bet big money on the results of matches and who are mainly in Asia and the World Cup.

Where the World Cup is held and all the other trimmings involved with this event has made many a rich person.

And an even richer country.

And Sepp Blatter has, almost definitely, earned a nice quid from all of this.

Then there’s David Beckham- a great football player and, except for one or two minor blemishes- someone with a squeaky clean image and an even squeakier voice.

“Becks” will soon call it a day.

And then what?

He cannot be modeling underwear for Armani forever.

He can however be a great Ambassador the game.

Sir David Beckham will happen.

It must.

Even now, we are willing to bet that there are those with an eye to unseating Sepp Blatter who are looking at David Beckham.

“Too young” to take over from Blatter?

Possibly, though “must be old” to take over is equally daft.

Beckham speaking out against Blatter and his “Racism? What racism?” blunder is, I feel, the first step.


I predict a major International role for “Becks”.

Or, as he will be known then, Sir David.

Just as he taught the world to “Bend It Like Beckham”, I believe, “Becks” will bring a new Voice, Face and Image to what once was “The Beautiful Game”.

© Hans Ebert