I am a single 40+ Canadian lesbian living in Hong Kong. I have been in Hong Kong now for 7 years and I am yet to find a place where I can go to meet other lesbians. Just a place to hang out and enjoy some music or have a dance.

I am very open about my sexuality and coming from Toronto to Hong Kong has been quite an adjustment for me. The gays and lesbians in HK are sadly for the most part very closeted. The question is why ? Is it pressure from society ? From family ? From straight friends ? All these questions and more I would love answered.

My tattoo artist (straight) told me about a place where lesbians go and hang out once every month on a Tuesday – Les Peches. I am yet to attend this venue and I hope to do so sometime soon.

What about a regular joint where we can go and feel welcome and not judged on any given day and not just on the first tuesday of every month. A place that accepts you for who you are and a place that one can go and feel like they belong.

How can we help the younger generation of gays and lesbians in self acceptance if we ourselves live in a closeted society ?

We need to be there for them and help make their journey not as trying and challenging as ours has been.

Hong Kong needs to wake up and kick itself in the ass.

It needs to change and become more with the times.

There is too much hate, war, negativity and judgement in our world these days and after all that we have witnessed in the past two decades one would think that countries and their people would come from a place of compassion and love.

I love HK and would like nothing more that for it to love me.

Hope you take the time to let me know your favourite gay/lesbian hang outs in HK.

I would love to go and check them out…..